Dog Tangled In Sheet Gives Sweetest ‘Thank You’ To The Cop Who Saved Her

The way this poor bitch has been convoluted in a piece of cloth outside her home in Chile is unclear, but there is no doubt who should thank her for her freedom.

And it is clear that she knows it too.

Earlier in the week, Giovanni Domke, of the Carabinieri police of Chile, was made aware of the painful situation in which the bitch of the neighbors who heard her calling for help was.

“The neighbors told me that the owners were not there,” Domke told Fernanda. “I asked a neighbor for a knife and rushed into the house to save the dog.”

The frightened puppy was naturally cautious when Domke approached to free her and even sip her outstretched arm. However, the judge continued – and his persistence has disappeared.

And as the video of the dramatic scene shows, Domke received the sweetest reward for his efforts: …GO TO NEXT PAGE …

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